10 best car apps for Android for drivers and owners

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Many people spend a lot of time in their cars. It’s now that Google, Apple, automakers, and others are trying to bring technology there, too. The ecosystem isn’t that amazing yet. Still, drivers, mechanics, and car enthusiasts have some fun stuff to play with. Here are the best car apps for Android!

The best car apps for Android

Android Auto is by far one of the best car apps out there. It gives drives quick access to Google Maps, messaging apps, music apps, and other utilities. It works in two ways. The app can be opened on your device and work from a mount on your dashboard. There are also cars with built-in Android Auto. That brings Android right to your car’s touchscreen. Either way, it’s completely free and usually better than what the automakers offer. The only downside is that Android Auto isn’t available for older vehicles. You can also check out the best music players for Android Auto here.

Car Maintenance by myCARFAX is a car management app. That means you can keep track of a lot of things. You can see all your maintenance and repair work in the app. In addition, the app notifies you when it’s time for additional maintenance or even to renew your registration. There is a mechanic search. However, only mechanics on the CARFAX network are shown. That’s probably a good thing most of the time. It’s one of the better car apps for keeping everything organized.

Drivvo and Fuelio

Price: Free / Up to $6.00

Drivvo is one of the most powerful car apps. You can basically keep an eye on everything. This includes repairs, maintenance, expenses, miles driven, gas mileage and more. It is especially good for those who drive for work. You can use this app to keep track of your tax season expenses. It also has maintenance records with reminders when more maintenance is needed. Fuelio is a very similar app and arguably Drivvo’s biggest rival in this space. Both do more or less the same thing in different ways. You can go with what you think best suits your needs.

GasBuddy screenshot 2020

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GasBuddy is a money-saving app for drivers. It determines the gas prices in your area. You can then select the petrol station with the cheapest petrol. It works best on road trips. However, it’s just as good when cruising around your hometown. You can also help by changing the prices as you see them. Those who make a contribution can win $100 in free gas. Crowdsourcing helps keep gas prices as up to date as possible, and it’s a fun little community to be a part of. The app is known for borrowing user location data. You might want to skip this one if that bothers you, or, if you’re using a newer version of Android, set the location permission to only be active while you’re using the app.

SpotAngels is a bit of a joker. It’s one of the newer car apps. However, it has a lot of potential. Its main function is to help you avoid speeding tickets. There are currently 20 supported cities where this works. It can also track where you’ve parked. So you don’t get lost when looking for your car. This functionality is available to everyone, whether located in a supported city or not. People can also send information and pictures for places to park safely anywhere. Over time this could be a great app to avoid parking tickets.

Torque Pro is a troubleshooting app. It pairs with various OBD 2 devices via Bluetooth. It can then read the codes and let you know what your check engine light is. It’s one of the better auto apps for mechanics and those who can do their own auto jobs. It can also track a variety of stats from your car. These include a GPS speedometer, alarms and warnings, CO2 emissions and more. There is a free version you can try first. However, it was 2015 when it was last updated. The Pro version receives more frequent updates. It’s just something to keep in mind.


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube is an amazing resource for car fans. There are a lot of mechanics, enthusiasts and other motorists. They make tons of videos on how to change your oil, how to fix brakes and even cosmetic stuff like the right way to wax your car. You will also find videos about fun cars, new cars, old cars and highlights from different types of races. Of course, most of you already know that. This is not a very exciting choice. However, it is still among the best car apps.

Speedway Fuel and Speedy Rewards Screenshot 2022

Most major gas station chains have rewards programs. You use your card when you buy gas and other items. The reward points accumulate and you use them to get gift cards, free stuff and discounts on gas. There are several gas station chain grocery stores that offer similar rewards. These may take a while to take effect. However, it’s possible to get things like free gas and all sorts of other things over time. They are car apps worth having. In fact, everyone should have at least one of these apps. Some popular brands are Giant Eagle, Speedway, Kroger, Circle K and others.

Mobile apps for car parts

Price: Free / Items in these apps cost money

AutoZone screenshot 2021

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There are countless shops that sell car parts. AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts and NAPA are just a few. Most major auto parts chains have dedicated apps. You can use them to order parts, buy things, and browse inventory. Additionally, online stores like eBay and Amazon (to a lesser extent) can be excellent sources for after-market parts and parts that are hard to find. We won’t recommend a single store as they all perform about equally well. However, these are car apps that many should have.

FordPass screenshot 2021

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Many manufacturers now have car apps. They also offer a variety of features. Some of the features include remotely starting your car, unlocking or locking the doors, OnStar access, diagnostics, and some bonus stuff. You usually need the right trim levels and newer cars for these to work. However, they can be quite handy. The range of functions is quite large. However, they vary dramatically between manufacturers.

Most of them are good enough, but they all could use some stability improvements. Still, you own the car, you might as well check it out, right? Some manufacturers that rely fairly heavily on their mobile app experience are Ford (linked), Hyundai and Chevy, but most manufacturers have official apps that at least do something. However, some of these services have an annual subscription, so be sure to check with your retailer for details.

If we’ve missed any great car apps for Android, let us know in the comments. You can also click here to view our latest Android apps and games lists.

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