5 best walkie talkie apps and PTT apps for Android

Zello PTT best walkie talkie apps

Today’s technology gives us many ways to communicate. However, sometimes the old school is the best method. There’s still a pretty big use case for walkie-talkies. This includes emergency situations, construction sites and other places where fast but short voice communication is required. Hardware solutions still work best in this area, but you can recreate them with your smartphone without too much effort. Here are the best walkie talkie apps for Android!

It should be said that all of these devices use some sort of VoIP technology for their walkie-talkie functionality. Most mobile devices do not have the hardware required to transmit over radio frequencies like real walkie-talkies do. If you need something like this, you’ll probably have to opt for a hardware solution with dedicated radios for this type of communication.

The best walkie talkie apps for android

hey tell

Price: Free / $2.99

HeyTell screenshot for best walkie talkie apps list

HeyTell is an old-school app that does the walkie-talkie stuff pretty well. It’s a cross-platform voice messaging service with push-to-talk functionality, just like a walkie-talkie. The app also offers a voice changer, notifications when receiving messages, very low data usage, and a social system with a friends list, a block list, and other such tools. The app has its ups and downs with each update, but it generally performed well in our testing.

Two Way Screenshot is one of the best walkie talkie apps for android

Two Way is another decent walkie talkie app. It offers above-average privacy protection with no logins and no data collection. It works more like a traditional walkie-talkie. You and a friend (or friends) choose a channel number, then press the button to send messages. In our testing, it has low data usage and low battery drain. The app definitely has its issues, but it’s definitely better than most.

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Voxer walkie talkie messenger screenshot 2022

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger is a decent cross between a messenger app and a walkie talkie app. It supports one-on-one and group messaging, as well as the ability to listen to messages later when you’re not available. The app also features encryption, groups of up to 500 people, cross-platform support, and more. You can also pay the subscription cost to get unlimited message storage compared to the free version’s 30-day storage history along with some other controls and features. Some people have big problems with it and others find it works perfectly. We definitely recommend trying the free version first.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie Screenshot 2020

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is the most popular walkie talkie app on this list. It has tons of features and a powerful free version for individuals. The app includes real-time voice streaming, text and voice messaging, group channels of up to 6,000 participants, and can even map your PTT button to a hardware button on your device. This app has been used in a number of disaster areas across the United States over the past few years and overall is a rock solid experience. There’s a premium subscription version, but we’re pretty sure unless you’re a business, you don’t have to worry about that. You can read more about it on Zello’s official website here.

Carrier push-to-talk solutions

Price: Free (usually)

Verizonj Push to Talk Plus Screenshot 2022

Many network operators have a not-so-secret push-to-talk service available to subscribers. We were able to find apps for Verizon and AT&T. We are sure that they are also available from some other providers. These apps use the carrier network to send short voice messages like a walkie-talkie. However, it’s not available on every phone, so you may need to contact a customer service representative from your carrier for more details. However, be warned that these apps all seem to have their fair share of problems. The Verizon app is linked from the button below. You can find the AT&T PTT app by clicking the link.

HamRadioExam Best Walkie Talkie Apps Screenshot

A really fun idea is to get a legitimate radio operator’s license. You can then use and connect to exclusive wireless networks around the world. You usually need hardware to do this, but there are some Android apps that require an operator license to use, e.g. B. EchoLink. We’ve linked an app below to take practice versions of the radio operator’s license test for practice, and you can click the EchoLink link to see what things you can access with such a license. We included it as a bonus because you can get this functionality without a license.

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