Pokemon Go Is Adding More Ultra Beasts Soon Three more Ultra Beasts will debut during the Pokemon Go Fest events in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo.

More Ultra Beasts will be making their debut in Pokemon Go very soon.

Three more Ultra Beasts will arrive as part of the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest events in Berlin, Germany. Seattle; and Sapporo, Japan. One Ultra Beast will debut per event, and contestants will have their first chance to capture them by completing a new Special Research story.

Below you can see which Ultra Beasts will arrive at each event:

  • Pokemon Go Fest Belin (July 1-3): Pheromosa
  • Pokemon Go Fest Seattle (July 22-24): Buzzwole
  • Pokemon Go Fest Sapporo (5-7 August): Xurkitree

Tickets for the events can be purchased on Niantic’s website.

If you are unable to attend the in-person events, you still have the opportunity to capture the Ultra Beasts. Each Pokémon will be available in-game globally at a later date during the Season of Go.

Ultra Beasts are strange interdimensional Pokémon first introduced in the Pokemon sun and moon games. nihilego was the first to arrive in Pokemon Go and made a surprise appearance during Pokemon Go Fest 2022.

In the meantime Pokemon Go TCG Crossover Event is ongoing until June 30th. A few special Pokémon will appear as part of the event, including a TCG hat Pikachu and shiny meltan. on top of that, mewtwo is back in five star raids by the end of the month.

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