Poll: Do you read app changelogs on the Google Play Store?

Changelog section of the Google Play Store

Adamya Sharma / Android Authority

Whenever an app gets an update, you can check the app’s changelog in the Google Play Store to see what the new version contains. For new apps that you haven’t downloaded yet, you’ll need to navigate to the very bottom of the About This App section to find the What’s New option, which contains the changelog. However, if you’re already using an app, its change log will appear at the top when you open it in the Play Store.

In 2019, Google Play Store got rid of notifications that appear when apps update automatically. Thankfully, in 2020, it reversed the decision and brought back that notification. This usually prompts one to review an app’s changelog and see the features that have been added. You can also enable a setting in the Play Store to notify you when updates are available for an app, another helpful way to find out when your apps will get a new version.

Do you read app change logs in Google Play Store?

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We want to know how many of you actually bother to read an app’s changelog? Take our poll above and let us know how often you bother checking an app’s What’s New section on the Play Store.

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