TL;DR? Google Docs to Include Auto-Generated Summaries Google also introduces virtual lighting and other improvements to Google Meet designed to make users look better.

For Google Docs that are a bit too long to read, Google introduces automatically generated summaries.

Announced at Google I/O 2022, the company’s annual developer conference, the new feature uses machine learning and speech compression technology to automatically extract key points from a document.

The feature is also set to roll out to Google Chat in the next few months, where it will provide a summary of chat conversations. Google says it’s also working to bring transcription and summarization to Google Meet.

Other upcoming improvements to Google Meet include studio-quality virtual lighting that will allow users to adjust light position and brightness. That would improve the image of someone sitting in front of a sunny window, for example.

Google says it’s also working to ensure people look the same when using Google Meet as they do in its Pixel phones, using artificial intelligence to improve skin tone accuracy.

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